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2 Recipes THAT WORK for Dogs with Dry, Itchy Skin!

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Does your dog have dry, itchy skin? Unfortunately, one of my dogs, Trooper, does! As a matter of fact, Trooper literally scratches himself until he is raw, red, and swollen. And, I don’t know about you guys but watching any of my beloved furry animals cause themselves pain is just heart wrenching. This can especially be true when the problem is a common one. For example, animals that predominately stay indoors or live in conditions where it is hot and/or humid can be factors that can contribute to this condition. For this reason, I have searched and found two recipes that work and have given Trooper relief from his dry, itchy skin.

Recipe #1:

  • 5 drops [eafl id=”248″ name=”Copaiba” text=”Copaiba”] essential Oil (Can’t find the products, click on the links)
  • 5 drops [eafl id=”249″ name=”Tea Tree” text=”Tea Tree”] Essential Oil
  • 5 drops [eafl id=”328″ name=”Lavender” text=”Lavender”] Essential Oil
  • 2 tsp of [eafl id=”317″ name=”Sweet Almond Oil” text=”Sweet Almond”] or [eafl id=”318″ name=”Jojoba Oil” text=”Jojoba”] Oil

Then fill the rest of a 2 oz. spray bottle with water, mix and apply.

Recipe #2:

  • 2 oz. [eafl id=”320″ name=”Witch Hazel” text=”Witch Hazel”] (Can’t find the products, click on the links)
  • 2 oz. [eafl id=”319″ name=”Aloe Vera Gel” text=”Aloe Vera Gel”]
  • 15 drops of [eafl id=”249″ name=”Tea Tree” text=”Tea Tree”] Essential Oil

Mix together in a 4 oz. spray bottle and apply.

*Remember do not spray near the eyes. If needed, these can be applied by hand around the face.

In fact, both of these recipes have reduced the redness and itching on Trooper’s  skin after the first application.  And, actually when Trooper sees the spray bottle, he rolls over, waiting to get sprayed! So there you have, my own dogs seal of approval! Happy dogs make happy families! (Below are pictures of my family and Trooper)

*Remember to always consult your veterinarian before trying new products on your animals! Not to mention, there could be some other underlying condition(s) that may be the cause of the symptoms described above.

So, why do I do I provide you with multiple recipes?

As always, I try to provide a couple of different recipes. The reasoning is simple. You see, not everyone keeps an arsenal of essential oils and/or products in their house to make these recipes up. Let’s face it, essential oils can be expensive and if you are not going to use some of the oils often enough then why would you buy them! I will always include one recipe that has ingredients you probably already have or that can be easily obtained.

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