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About Me

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I am a stay at home mom learning the basics of a simpler life!


My adventure began when I left my 20 year career in Healthcare to spend more time with my family. With more free time than I have ever had I began reading about all natural products (household cleaners, laundry detergent, etc.). My research led me to making homemade products instead of buying them. I started with cleaning products and gradually moved on to using essential oils for better health and creating hygiene/cosmetic products (I still have a lot to learn about the last category!). My motto has always been to make changes a little at a time.

EXPANDING MY LIFE, Adding Chickens!

With more free time, I decided to add raising chickens to my evolving life. And, let me tell you, these little animals have added so much to my life. Besides providing meat and eggs for my family, these guys have added endless hours of entertainment to my life (more stories about this and what I have learned to will be added). As we move toward a more self-sustaining lifestyle, chickens (and eventually adding more small animals) just seemed to be the most logical next step.


Gardening, canning and preserving have always been a part of my life. As a little girl, my mother put in many hours of canning to make sure we had good wholesome food to eat. My mother would spend her summer days canning and preserving fruit and vegetables to last throughout the year. As a kid I never understood why my mother worked so hard when the store had everything. Today, with a family of my own, it makes sense to me why my mother chose to do what she did. Preserving and growing your own food allows you to provide wholesome food to your family on a budget. Now, don’t get me wrong I still go to the grocery store, modern conveniences have spoiled all of us a little bit!


Camping is a great way to get back to living a simpler life. Campfire cooking has had it challenges but has been very rewarding. My family loves to go camping and meet new people. Camping has been an affordable and simple vacation alternative for my family. Campsite reviews and campfire recipes are available in my blog.


I want to provide information and products that assist in living an all natural and self-sustaining lifestyle. All posts included on this website have been personally tried and tested. My goal is share my experiences with you and those looking for more information about any of these topics.


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