Believe in the Basics began when we started looking for products with simple ingredients and few or no chemicals. Today, we continue to reduce chemicals in our home and strive to continue making and finding products the meet our simple, chemical-free lifestyle.

Carlene Emmons, Owner

We strive to bring Back the Fundamentals of a Simpler Life!

Our journey began in 2016 when we began looking for products to reduce the chemicals in our house and find products that contained natural ingredients. What we found on our journey led us to start making our own products with simple and natural ingredients. The products we make have natural ingredients, few or no chemicals, the results improved our overall health. We continue to strive to make great products with simple ingredients without all the added and unnecessary extras. What we want to provide to you is information, natural products for self-sustaining and chemical-free lifestyles.

Basic ingredients for a simpler life!


The things that make us special


We are creating new products and testing them all the time. Have an idea and want us to try it out, send us a message.

Simple Design​

Our designs are simple and natural. We don’t add anything the isn’t necessary.


We can customize products to your taste. We make small batches and that gives us the flexibility to customize most of our products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed​

Our products are made with simple ingredients and no extras. You are guaranteed to love these products.