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Easy Jam Recipes for Beginners!

Jam, Easy to Make! Who doesn’t love homemade jam! Did you know jam is easy to make? In fact, jam is a great introduction to canning and preserving. Why? Because, most jam recipes require just a few ingredients. Jam is one of my canning favorites. Actually, it is one of my whole families favorites. 😉 Homemade Jam tastes so much…


5 Things You May Already Be Doing to Be More Self-Sufficient!

Self-Sufficient? When you think about being self-sufficient, do see a house sitting out in the middle of nowhere, living off the land and off the grid? This type of lifestyle can sound daunting when you see and read articles on the subject. The truth is, becoming self-sufficient is more of a “work in progress” lifestyle. And for many of us…

What to do with pesky Stinging Nettle plants!

[eafl id=”225″ name=”Nettle Tea” text=”Nettle Tea”]   If you have ever hiked in the woods, pulled weeds from your garden, or just walked around your yard, I bet you have encountered Stinging Nettle plants. These plants are notorious for their sting! And, if you have ever been stung by these plants you already know the stinging, itching pain that this…