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How to Choose your Essential Oil Brands?

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Choosing an Essential Oil Brand?

There are so many essential oil brands out there that it can be overwhelming and confusing when you start trying to find the right brands for you and your family. When I started, I didn’t have a clue how to begin and made a few mistakes along the way. My biggest mistake was not doing enough reading before I started buying. You see, the marketing terminology that each company uses will make you a believer that they are the best. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true! So, hang around, here are some facts about essentials oils and the brands that I use!

Facts about Essential Oils

  • Essential oils cannot be patented, because they are all natural.
  • They are not regulated by the US FDA.
  • There are no quality controls, meaning they are no standards on the processing and production of essential oils.
  • The term “Therapeutic Grade” is a marketing term used to promote “best in the market.”
  • If it says “fragrance”, then it is not an essential oil!
  • Higher prices do not mean better products.

What essential oils are?

  • Essential oils are not oils, they are highly concentrated plant constituents that have potent medicinal and cosmetic properties. They are fatty acids and that is what makes up the oil.
  • A large amount of plant is required to produce the oil. Therefore, you will see a variation in cost on each essential oil. For example, 4,000 pounds of Bulgarian Rose makes one pound of oil versus 150 pounds of Lavender to make the same amount of oil.

Testing the quality of essential oils

Essential oils should not be greasy. Do not confuse greasy with an oil that leaves a tint or color behind. The exceptions include Sandalwood, Patchouli, and German Chamomile. To test, add a drop of your essential oil to a white piece of paper. Let it dry, if an oil ring is left behind then it is not a pure oil.

Some additional notes

  • The shelf life of an essential oil is 5-10 years. That is,  if it is in a dark glass bottle and kept in a cool, dry place.
  • Essential oils can start working within 20 minutes of applying.
  • Not all essential oils have to be diluted before applying. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using.

*Note: This information is for educational purposes only. As always, consult your physician before using a product for medicinal purposes.

The moral of this story is, “Do a little research before choosing your brands.” There are essential oil brands that will give you the quality you expect and have a price that is affordable. Furthermore, you will more than likely end up choosing several brands to meet your needs. Unfortunately, some brands will not offer oils that you intend to add to your cabinet.  Now, on to the brands I use.

My Favorite Brands (Click on the brands to learn more!)

  • Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) – Products can be returned for any reason, even if opened, for up to 90 days. RMO continues to expand its line with new oils and purposely built products to satisfy the most experienced consumer and to help introduce new consumers to the benefits of essential oils.
  • Edens Garden – They control the freshness and quality of each product and ensure every oil received is brand new and from a fresh batch.
  • Plant Therapy  – To ensure that each oil meets their strict standards, Plant Therapy works directly with world-renowned essential oil expert, Robert Tisserand, and several analytical laboratories.
  • Plant Guru – Plant Guru is a small family ran business with a passion for essentials. They provide quality essential oils at the most affordable prices.
  • Miracle Essential Oils – Each of their oils undergoes scientific testing to ensure its purity.

I don’t consume any essential oils, except:

LorAnn Oils – This is because nearly all their food products are certified kosher.

There you have it, I hope you found this information helpful! Thanks for stopping in!

Do you use essential oils? What are your favorite brands? How do you use your essential oils? Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

UPDATE: I have added doTerra oils to my list. Some are consumable and I have found several blends that I really enjoy! Breathe in a diffuser is one of them. My husband has stopped snoring at night when I used it! 🙂


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