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Great Lakes Escape! Clear Lake State Park, Atlanta, Michigan

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Clear lake State Park, Atlanta, Michigan

As I watch my kids play in the sand at Clear Lake State Park, I wonder, how many people actually know about this beautiful lake in Atlanta, MI? As a matter of fact, when we visit our family in Atlanta, we prefer going to this beach over other beaches in the area. Clear Lake is crystal clear, secluded, and off the beaten path. In Addition, it has a shallow swimming area that is great for young kids. On the negative side, Clear Lake does not allow pets on the beach. However, they can be leashed on the grassy area of the park.

About Clear lake

Clear Lake is located in elk country. The park encompasses two-thirds of the Clear Lake’s shoreline. Additionally, it is part of the Mackinaw State Forest. In fact, the Atlanta area of this forest contains over 258,000 acres of state-owned public land. Additionally, deer, elk, turkey and small game are plentiful in the Mackinac State Forest.

Elk can be seen and heard in the early morning and evening, especially during the spring and fall.

Hunting is allowed in the state forest during the approved seasons.

Clear lake State Park is located ten miles north of Atlanta on M-33.

Did You Know That…..

Elk disappeared from Michigan nearly 100 years ago. In fact, since reintroduction, the elk have multiplied into a large herd.

Amenities at the Day Use Area:

  • Large pavilion for parties, family gathering, reunions, etc.
  • Playground
  • Boat launch
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Walking/Hiking trails
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Horseshoe Court
  • Clear Lake State Park also has a trail spur that offers Off Road Vehicle (ORV) riders a direct connection to the Atlanta ORV route and Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail.

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There are modern, semi-modern campsites and Mini Cabins available at the campground. Reservations can be made at www.midrreservations.com.

*Note: We haven’t stayed in the campground, the review above is just about the Day Use Area.

Additional Information on Atlanta, Michigan and the surrounding area (click on the links for more information)

With all this in mind, are you planning a trip to Atlanta, Michigan? if yes, definitely make plans to visit this beach.

As you can see, My kids always have a great time and I love the crystal clear water! Our day of sand castles and beach fun:

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Have you visited Clear Lake State Park? Camped in the Campground? What were your thoughts? Drop me a line and tell me what you think.







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