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Is Your Body Suffering from Stress?

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Have you ever wondered why you always feel tired, anxious and maybe even lost on regular basis? Stress on our bodies is caused by so many factors in our lives.

Are you aware of what causes stress! Do you ever have any of these questions or feel any of these things?

  • Are you under pressure at work? Have you lost your drive or motivation?
  • Are you always watching your finances? Or Struggling to pay your bills?
  • Are you constantly on the go? Trying to balance family and work?
  • Do you feel exhausted and tired all the time? Or just feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day?
  • Have you ever wanted to stay in bed or hide away from the world?
  • Did you have a major life change, such as a new baby, that made you feel uncertain or fearful?
  • How about a divorce or death? Or a feeling of something lost?
  • Do you set expectations that are so high that you can’t meet them?

In addition, did you know that their are external stresses on our bodies that cause many other symptoms? These external environmental stresses can have adverse affects on our bodies.

Have you ever wondered about any of these:

  • What is in the food I eat? 
  • Are the household chemicals  I use to clean my house having adverse effects on my health?
  • What about the air I breathe? Am I exposed to harsh chemicals at work or pesticides?

What if I told you that you have stress on your body that you may not be aware of. Would you believe me?

I am not talking about the types above that can be identified but stressors that are causing problems that you think are related to health conditions when in fact they may be related to your daily exposure to things that you encounter everyday! Yes really, things that we are surrounded by or products we use or put in our bodies daily.

The question is, do you know what to do to reduce this type of stress in your life?

What if I told you that you can improve the quality of your life and reduce a number of these factors naturally? Would you be interested! Would you want to know more…

I can tell you by making small changes in your life you can reduce many of the unknown stresses that you may not be aware of. I can also tell you that you can reduce many of the common stresses in your life too! The reality is, are you ready to listen and even give it a chance?

If you are, follow along or send me a message to learn more…

Live life to fullest…..


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