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Are You Looking for an Amazing All-Natural Toothpaste Recipe? Stop, here it is.

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All Natural Toothpaste Recipe

Is fluoride really a necessary ingredient in toothpaste? Depending on who you ask the answer will vary. In my opinion, the answer is no. However, I never set out to solve the debate on fluoride, I was merely looking for a toothpaste that would improve the health of my gums and teeth. Through ageing and other factors my gums were receding and my daily regimen wasn’t doing enough to keep my teeth and gums healthy. As a result, like always, I start to do some research and look for a solution to my problem. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I found it! An all natural toothpaste recipe that has improved the health of my gums, prevents cavities and as a bonus, whitens my teeth.

I wanted to wait until my last dentist appointment before I posted about it. To my amazement the hygienist and dentist confirmed that my all natural toothpaste was working better than my store-bought component. You see, I didn’t say anything to my hygienist or my dentist until they cleaned and examined my gums and teeth. Of course during the examination I asked a number of probing questions to see if their we any abnormal issues. With each question, they were slowly confirming what I already knew. When they finished and the results of the examination were in, I told them I was using a homemade all natural toothpaste. To their surprise and their disappointment that I  wasn’t using a toothpaste without Fluoride, they gave me the go ahead to continue using it. In addition, the dentist told me to keep doing whatever I was doing that my teeth and gums looked great! 🙂

 At that moment, I felt victorious! My teeth and gums were healthier because of this toothpaste.

Moreover, I had seen major changes within the first few weeks of using this toothpaste. (I just needed the confirmation from the dentist to make sure.)

Within those two weeks:

  • My teeth were whiter.
  • Plaque didn’t build up on my teeth like it had before.
  • My gums looked healthier and didn’t bleed as much when I was flossing. (Now they barely bleed at all!)
  • And, my teeth were cleaner. It was like getting a cleaning every day!

The Recipe I Use!

Ingredients: (If you can’t find the ingredients, click on the links below.)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and put in a container of your choice!

If you don’t want to make it, you can purchase it from my shop! Just click on the picture or link below.









All Natural Toothpaste

Honestly, I love this toothpaste! And so does my family!


Do you use an all natural toothpaste? Do you make it or buy it? Drop me a line and tell me all about it!



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