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Practical Advise on Raising Chickens!

Chicken Basics I don’t know about you but I am sort of a research-aholic. When I decided to bring chickens into my life, I read everything I could find on them and to be truthful I probably read too much! The internet is full of information, and sometimes too much information is a bad thing. Before I go on, the…


Candid Camping and Exploring Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

Camping and Exploring the Upper Peninsula I can’t think of a better way to end our summer than a visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! Talk about stepping into another world, from the lush, thick forests to the crystal blue waters of the Great lakes, the UP has it all. Our trip over Labor Day weekend opened the door to a…

Yarrow, Another Natural Remedy Provided by Mother Nature!

Yarrow, Back to Nature! I constantly tell people “never stop learning”! And, I have to tell you, since I have started this new adventure, I never dreamed I would discover and learn so much about what Mother Nature has already provided for us. Or for that matter, become so enlightened by the experience. Everyday, I find myself more and more…

How to Choose your Essential Oil Brands?

Choosing an Essential Oil Brand? There are so many essential oil brands out there that it can be overwhelming and confusing when you start trying to find the right brands for you and your family. When I started, I didn’t have a clue how to begin and made a few mistakes along the way. My biggest mistake was not doing…

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