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Spotlight: For the Love of Teachers!

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For the Love of Teachers

Every once in a while we make a change in our lives for reasons that may not make sense to others. When I left my career to substitute teach, I don’t think I really knew what being a teacher would entail. More specifically, I just didn’t understand how many hats a teacher wears in a single day. Nevertheless, I still love being in the classroom and working with children.

In fact, as a former manager and supervisor, I wore a number of hats, however raising adults was never a factor. In the workplace adults are given a set of expectations, then they  choose what level of excellence they want to achieve. Kids, on the other hand, at least many of them, are being reared and taught by their teachers. In addition, I have found that many kids have lost the necessary skills to socialize and communicate properly with their teachers and peers.

Remembering Childhood in My House

As a child I was taught to respect my elders, be polite and never talk back. Today,  some kids don’t have the same level of respect or moral compass from how I was raised as a child. Even more so, teacher’s today really struggle to find the balance between teaching, mentoring and mothering the students they teach in the classroom. For example, I have used the distinctive MOM voice many times. That being said, I doubt that there is anyone reading this right now that wouldn’t know what the term MOM voice means!

Additionally, teachers are encountering a number of students coming into the classroom with behavioral and social issues that require special circumstances. These special circumstances require more time from the teacher. Unfortunately most teachers lack the resources and/or time to focus on these children. As a result, teachers often feel that they are neglecting these children!

Rewards of Teaching

Even with all the circumstances above teaching is still very rewarding. Many students build relationships with their teachers. For some, these relationship may be some of the only positive and motivating relationships in a the child’s life. Furthermore, most teachers will tell you that the students they remember most are often the ones that needed a supportive mentor in their life. As a result, teachers may be the only major influence or positive figure in these children’s lives.

In other words, a kid can come from a broken, battered and/or a poverty-stricken home with little support from individuals inside that home. Consequently, a child that comes from one of these circumstances may look outside of the home for a mentor. Ultimately for the teacher, whom many of these kids may see more than their own parents, have an opportunity to help these kids break a repeating cycle and open the door to a more promising future!

Final Thoughts

Teaching is, many times, is a thankless job but the thanks are rewarded in the positive progression of the children. Nothing makes a teacher more proud than watching a child grow and learn in the classroom. In fact, teachers have a bitter-sweet moment when their students succeed and move on to the next class!

Remembering to Give Thanks

As the season for thanks and giving draws near don’t forget make it a point to thank those that have had an influence on the minds and hearts of our children and lives!



What teachers or mentors have influenced your or your kid’s lives? Are you a teacher? Or have you taught before? What are your thoughts? Drop me a line and tell me about it.









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