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Tomatoes, Tomatoes, and more Tomatoes! (Tomato Recipes Included)

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Oh my! You have too many Tomatoes! Tomato Recipes


Have you ever heard the old saying “you eyes are bigger than your stomach”. I believe the same can be said for gardening, especially for those vegetables that we love to eat. For me, tomatoes are one of those vegetables. My mouth waters at the thought of a garden fresh tomato sandwich every year!

When planting season comes around, I get so excited that I kind of lose my head. When I see all the different varieties of plants, vegetables, and herbs my eyes get bigger than the time I have to harvest it all. Of course, my love for the tomato is one that gets me in trouble almost every year! There are so many different varieties of tomatoes that I just have to plant as many as I can. I remember one year I had an enormous crop of cherry tomatoes and I had no idea what to do with them. Unfortunately, many of them rotted on the vine. Even though my love for the tomato hasn’t weakened, I have become a littler smarted on how to harvest, use and preserve this beloved vegetable!

I have found so many wonderful and delicious way to use my tomatoes! And, if you are like me and lose you head, below are a few great ideas for your large crop of tomatoes.

What you can do with all those tomatoes!

  1. Fresh Tomatoes

    Tomato Sandwiches, Put them in your salads, each them raw ( I like to add a little salt), Garden Fresh Salsa (Who doesn’t love salsa!) or Bruschetta.

  2. Canning Tomatoes for soup, chili and stew

  3. HOMEMADE CANNED SPAGHETTI SAUCE from Cottage at the Crossroads

  4. Freezing Tomatoes

    Freezing Summer Tomato Crop from instructables

  5. And a few more recipes

    easy crock pot tomato paste from Little House on the Urban Prairie

    Easy Tomato Basil Soup from A Virtual Vegan


So there you have it, some ideas for all those extra tomatoes. The are a number of great resources available if you didn’t find anything here, just do a Google Search. Or, if you Pinterest like I do, then you can have a list of great recipes available in just one click! 🙂

Did you find this post helpful? What vegetables do you tend to overgrow? Are tomatoes one of your favorites? Drop me a line and tell me all about it.





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